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An Almost perfectly shaped volcano which rises sheer from the plains, Mt Kilimanjaro is one of the African continent’s most magnificent sights. Snowcapped and not yet extinct, at 5895 metres it is the highest peak in Africa.

From cultivated farmland on the lower levels, it rises through lush rainforest onto the alpine meadow and finally across a barren lunar landscape to the summit, Mt Kilimanjaro is truly the best African Adventure. It is a traveller’s dream to scale the summit, watch the dawn break and gazes out over vast expanses to East Africa bushland. Who would come to East Africa and not climb Kilimanjaro? Certainly not many, View our Tours Today for best Kilimanjaro Tours Offer.

Wildlife Safari Tours

Extraordinary wildlife adventure, breath-taking landscapes and view, incredible birdwatching and balloon safari.

Tanzania is truly the best safari destination in Africa, From the plains of Serengeti National park to the crater of Ngorongoro and the hidden gems of Tarangire and Lake Manyara, Tanzania makes the best safari Destination in the Northen circuit. Travel far South of the country and find yourself in the midst of the bush and wildlife of Ruaha National park, Selous and Mikumi. Tanzania all together has the best to offer for safari adventure and wildlife experience.

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Timing is everything with the great Serengeti migration of wildebeests and zebras.

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Kilimanjaro Climbing Guide. All you need to know before climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. An almost perfectly shaped volcano which rises sheer from the plains, Mt. Kilimanjaro is one of the African continent’s most magnificent sights. Snowcapped and not yet extinct, at 5895 metres it is the highest peak in Africa. From cultivated farmlands on the lower…

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Important Information you need to know about Arusha National Park Although it is one of Tanzania’s smallest parks, Arusha National Park is one of the most beautiful and spectacular. It is also one of the few that you are allowed to walk in (accompanied by a ranger). Yet few travellers appear to visit it, possibly…

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All you need to Know about Tanzania Safaris   Going on an organised safari is the way most travellers visit Tanzania’s national parks. Safari to Arusha National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Serengeti National Park and Tarangire National Park are best arranged in Arusha, where Shizi Safaris can plan a trip for…

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