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If your vision of Africa is of wildebeest crossing the river in Serengeti, an Arab dhow sailing into Zanzibar, a million pink flamingos, Maasai tribespeople guarding their cattle, then Tanzania is where this vision becomes reality.

With over 7 years of experience, Shizi Team provides an extensive portfolio of unforgettable experiences in Tanzania and Zanzibar while maintaining the unique and standard of our Tours.  Our experienced and local Guides will provide wealth and depth of local knowledge that is hard to find, we can take you to destinations in a land that time has seemingly forgotten.  All our tours are suitable for individuals, families, groups, and companies and we offer a pickup and drop off service. Shizi Safaris covers individual, family, small group and operate travel tours with different interest and diversity.

Whatever your interest, East Africa has plenty to see, experience and consider.

Tanzania is the heart of African safariland.

Some of the most famous reserves are found here, and in a trip to this country you will probably see everything from rhinos to lions, hippos to baboons, wildebeest to flamingos. Safaris are an experiences in themselves, but the reserves themselves are also spectacular, such as the Ngorongoro conservation area, which is in the crater of a colossal extinct volcano, or the Serengeti national park which has an amazing endless plain.

The reserve of Ngorongoro and Serengeti are the region`s best known natural attractions, but certainly not the only ones.

The superb  Tarangire national park located across the Northen circuit while further south of the country are some of the most most unique and dramatic parks in Tanzania, particularly Ruaha National park and Mikumi National park.

And Tanzania is, of course, famous for its gorilla trekking in the far west across the border between Tanzania, Kigoma region and Congo which you can also visit.

Scuba divers will find plenty  to interest them along the coast around offshore islands like Zanzibar and Mafia, while other visitors may find lazing on the beach and collecting a suntan quite enough exercise.

If lazing isn`t a word in your vocabulary, Tanzania offers some wonderful mountains to climb. If you are fit, an assault on Mt Meru or, best of all , snowcapped Mt Kilimanjaro , the highest mountain in Africa, is within your reach.

Tanzania isn`t just wildlife and scenery, there are also people and cultures.

The culture and people of Tanzania are equally interesting. Along the coast and particularly on islands like Zanzibar, you can observe the strong influence of the Arabs, who came as traders and remained in the region for centuries. Everywhere you will see the many and varied tribes of the region, particularly the strong minded Maasai of Tanzania. Come here - it is a wonderful country.

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Some of our amazing destination in Tanzania.


We organize both group, individual, cooperate and family tours to the top of Africa, Uhuru Peak 5895m above the seal level.

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