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Arusha Bucket List: Top Things To Do

Arusha City Introduction

Arusha city is one of  Tanzania‘s most attractive place. It sits in the lush, green countryside at the roof of Mt Meru (4566 metres) and enjoys a temperate climate throughout the year. Surrounding it are many coffee trees, wheat and maize estates tended by the Waarusha and Wameru tribespeople, whom you may see occasionally in the market area of town. For travellers, Arusha is a gateway to Serengeti, Lake Manyara and Tarangire national parks and the Ngorongoro conservation area. As such, it is the safari capital of Tanzania. Mt. Meru can also be climbed from here.

Arusha city is a pleasant town to walk around and take in the sights, and the market area is particularly lively, but the main concern of most travellers will be arranging a safari and taking off for the national parks

Arusha city is in two parts, separated by a small valley through which the Naura River runs. The upper part, just off the main Moshi to Namanga road, contains the government buildings, post office, top class hotels, safari companies, airline office, curio and craft shops, and the huge international conference centre. Further down the hill and cross the valley are the commercial and industrial areas, the market, many small shops, many of the budget hotels and the bus station.

Visit the Famous Arusha Clock Tower

This is regarded as a centre between South Africa, Cape Town and Cairo, Egypt, the area is excellent for walking around as it gives the sense of Arusha town as friendly as clean restaurants around the area, there will be people around trying to sell you local kinds of stuff and they are always nice but a bit pushy, so don’t feel embarrassed.


arusha city


Witness the Arusha Local Museum

Want to learn about the history, culture and art of people in Arusha, then take time to visit this local museum and learn about important things that can be found in the history of Arusha.


arusha city


Spot the biggest and old Mosque in Town

One of the things you can do includes visiting this old and biggest mosque in Arusha city where many of the Muslims on Arusha will gather for prayers.


Learn about Maasai Women Local Market

Located outside the city about 10km drive by public transport going to Ngaramtoni. Arusha women local market is particularly for Maasai women and other local women who they trade on food products as well as other social needs products like clothes and shoes while men trade only in cattle and other craft products from the Maasai communities.




Shopping at Tinga Tinga

The very special art design pictures represent the culture, lifestyle as well as wildlife of Tanzania and Africa, here you will get the best paint drawing pictures done by locals with great talent, you can as well take time to learn and observe how they paint and make this stuff done, very interesting.




Discover Traditional Local Maasai Market

Every Tuesday and Thursday Maasai men will gather at Ngaramtoni ya Chini which is located not far from Maasai women local market and trade on cattle. The Maasai men will bring cows, sheep and goat to this market and meet buyers from the different part of Arusha and nearby town like Moshi, you will have authentic experience and time to learn how Maasai men trade on cattle as well as local Maasai traditions and customs.




Explore the Street of Arusha Town

It is always safe to go around Arusha town, you will have an experience of real African local town which its people are kind and nice and always call you “mzungu” which means a white person from western countries in English.




Stop by Arusha Declaration Monument

Another attraction in Arusha is Declaration Monument which was revealed in 1977 by the country ruling party, Chama cha mapinduzi for the aim of commemorating the 10 years of Arusha declaration.




 Observe the Arusha Local  Food Market

Just located in the city centre close to the Arusha bus stand and along Sokoine road, this local market is the best place to experience the taste of an African market, you will have a chance to shop several things like spices, fruits, vegetables etc. it is the best way to experience the local lifestyle of the people in Arusha.



See Mt. Meru

Which is rivals Kilimanjaro 4565 meters, Mt. Meru is a mixture of lush and forest bare rock and has its eastern side the spectacular Meru crater – a sheer cliff face which rises over 1500 metres and is one of the tallest of its type in the world.





Understand Old German Colonial Place

Other attractions in the city include the Old German colonial place where it was used during world war 2 to in 1900 to install some of the war weapons, you will have a nice view here with the background of Mt. Meru.



arusha bucket list

Learn about Tanzanite Gemstone

Tanzanite museum and learn about the history and origin of this 1000 times rare gemstones than diamonds and which can only be found in Tanzania just close to Kilimanjaro International airport about 2okm from the airport, this stone is also regarded as a December birthstone and which was regarded as a new beginning or new starting. Maasai people used to give each other Tanzanite when there is a newborn in a family according to the History of the gemstone.



arusha bucket list


Visit Lake Duluti

Explore this amazing and incredible crater lake which gets its water from Mt. Meru which is almost 700m deep and 1100m width and covers more than 60ha and 20mins drive from Arusha, Lake Duluti is the must visit for nature lovers and who loves to walk in the forest surrounded by birds and unique trees.



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Explore Kikuletwa Hotspring

About 45 minutes from Arusha and just 30 minutes from Moshi, this an awe-inspiring place can be found, Kikuletwa Hotspring. If you really want to have fun and relax then this is a place to be. This spring is a source of water for farmers who mainly farm onions close to the place but is also the best spot to visit for both tourists and locals.



 Visit Morombo Bbq

Morombo bbq street food is one of the great pleasures of travelling and exploring the local way of Arusha, so if you’re a fan, you may wish to head to Morombo area which you will need to take a public transport and for 10 to 15 minutes you will find yourself in a street with ready-made goat meat with ugali or chips which are the famous local food here.







Visit Local Restaurant

It is a good idea to visit several restaurants in Arusha which are very clean and friendly staff. The food is authentic and traditional, the best places which I would recommend include the Blue Heron Restaurant and another one include Fifi’s restaurant which is located close in town and perfect for tourist.



arusha bucket list



It is very safe if you walk around  Arusha town especially during day time, the town is famous for souvenir shopping and during a day it is popular for people to shop around and others seat on restaurants having African cup of coffee and everybody is nice around the street. But if you wish to go places out of town centre then you can always find a nice local person who can guide you and let you know decent and safer places to be around, you can always contact us if you will need a local guide in Arusha. And sometimes if you wish to go out to a restaurant for dinner you can find a taxi driver who can come to pick you up and drop you back to the Hotel but it is important that you negotiate enough for the prices since they can try to charge you high.


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