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What You Should Know About Camel Safaris in Tanzania

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Tanzania Camel Safaris

This relatively new concept in Tanzania is now fully operational and is a beautiful way to see the country at a leisurely pace. It gives you the opportunity to become fully involved in the daily lives of the local Masaai people who walk with you, do the camel handling and the cooking and other camp chores.

This is a superb way of getting right off the beaten track and into areas where vehicle safaris don’t or cannot go. Camel safaris offer maximum involvement in areas of Kilimanjaro which the 20th century has hardly touched, if at all. Most of them take place around Kilimanjaro and Natron areas and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to become accustomed to the pace of nomadic life as well as to mingle with the indigenous people. You’ll also encounter wildlife though, naturally, sightings of any particular animal and in what numbers cannot be guaranteed.

You have the choice of riding the camels or walking alongside them (except in a few spots where you will be forced to dismount). The camels are led by experienced camel experts and accompanied by English-speaking guides of the same tribe who are well-versed in bush lore, botany, ornithology and local customs.

Most travelling is done as early as possible in the cool of the day and a campsite established around noon. Following lunch, you are free to relax during the heat of the day and, in the evening, while the sleeping arrangements and dinner are being organised by the staff, take a walk (along with a guide if you choose). Hot showers are normally available before drinks and dinner are served around a campfire.

We also provide a full range of camping equipment (two-person tents, as a rule). The typical distance covered each day is between 15 and 18 km so you don’t have to be super fit and Itineraries and routes also change depending on the weather and other factors.

For the keen walker and those who don’t want to spend all their time in a safari vehicle, there are numerous camel safari options that you can embark before or after Kilimanjaro Climb. Kindly contact us for more details.


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