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Day Excursion

jozani forest

Make the most of your trip to Jozani Forest in Zanzibar

Jozani Nature Reserve.While in Zanzibar one of the activity you can do is to visit Jozani forest which you can go anytime of the year between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Once arrived you will find a reception desk at the entrance where you can pay the entrance fee and get in. There are professional […]

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spice tour

Zanzibar Spice Tour Complete Guide

There is a small piece of spice land a few miles from Stone town. One of the famous day trip. Spice Tour, the most visited area around Zanzibar, there are some fees they have to be paid to the farm owners to get in for the tour.This kind of tour can be organized by Shizi […]

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Arusha photo walk

Arusha Bucket List: Top Things To Do

Arusha city is one of  Tanzania’s most attractive place. It sits in the lush, green countryside at the roof of Mt Meru (4566 metres) and enjoys a temperate climate throughout the year. Surrounding it are many coffee trees, wheat and maize estates tended by the Waarusha and Wameru tribespeople, whom you may see occasionally in […]

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