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Tanzania Hotels

Find unique and good service hotel while on your holiday to Tanzania.

Fig Tree Lodge

Offers camping and rooms in a pleasant and secure compound with a great little restaurant and a bar. Located in

$50*Per person


Lake Manyara Serena Hotel

This is a large complex with a good setting on the escarpment overlooking the Rift Valley. The views are beautiful,

$206*Per person


Kirurumu Manyara Lodge

Kirurumu Tented camp is set on the escarpment about 12km from the park gate and 6km from the main road,

$208*Per person


Lake Manyara Wildlife Lodge

With more than 100 rooms set in the edge of the escarpment in the best location around the park overlooking

$240*Per person


Burudika Manyara Lodge

Located almost at the shore of Lake Manyara is Burudika Lodge, It's about 5km off to the left along the

$240*Per person


Lake Manyara Kilimamoja Lodge

Located at the edge of Rift Valley and set in a grove go fever tree about 2km from Manyara National

$560*Per person