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Important Tips to Know before trekking Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Best Hiking Guide

Famous known as the Roof of Africa. Trekking Mount Kilimanjaro is yet another unique mountain adventure to an amazing and tallest mountain in Africa not enough but tallest free standing mountain in the world which means this mountain is not placed on the series of other mountains. Trekking Mount Kilimanjaro is not just going on a hiking trip but the experience, landscapes, weather and how dramatic the climb is, its like Mountain Sinai at which the Ten Commandments were given to Moses by God. It is a lifetime adventure not to miss.

Mount Kilimanjaro Uniqueness

There are many articles and studies regarding this majestic mountain but one of the uniqueness about Mount Kilimanjaro is that there are still animals which are surviving around the area (Kilimanjaro National Park) of Kilimanjaro. For example on the west side of the mountain bordered to Kenya you can spot eland antelope if lucky and on the east where Rongai route is, trekkers can also see buffalos if lucky. There are also still different small animals like Dik-Dik, Red forest duikers as well as bird species like white neck raven, pigeon or dove, alpine chat/moorland chat and many more.

lemosho route 6 days

High Altitude Mountain Sickness (AMS)

In order for trekkers to reach Uhuru peak they need to have enough knowledge about best way to trek this mountain. I have mentioned tips below to help you trek Kilimanjaro with no hustle. Kilimanjaro is not a difficult mountain to climb but for it to be easy for you to climb then you need to understand the elevation change which may help you to avoid many sickness which you may encounter due to Mountain Altitude. This kind of sickness are called AMS (Altitude Mountain Sickness) which are common along Kilimanjaro mountain. Below are some of the sickness you may face while trekking Kilimanjaro.


To get your trek keep going while on Kilimanjaro you need to take more fluid/water than you lose it. While trekking Mount Kilimanjaro it is common to sweat due to long walking together with the  heat during a day, obvious you will lose water. We encourage trekkers to take 5 liters of water per day, 3 liters of water by drinking from your bottle and 2 liters you can get it through the liquid food that you may be eating during the meal time. On Kilimanjaro we encourage fluid food to help you avoid dehydration. When you lose water in the body can lead to decrease in oxygen and hence sick.

High Altitude Cerebral edema.

A process of losing oxygen in the brain. This may happen as you go on high altitude during your Kilimanjaro trek. The guides will have to have the oximeter to measure your oxygen level every time when you are not feeling well and every evening before you sleep. It is very important to use this measure during your Kilimanjaro trek. One of the symptoms for this sickness is losing of memory, you can sometimes forget where you are or even your name. Another symptoms is losing balance when you walk, you can even not manage to follow the trail path due to lack of balance. If any of this happen to you ask your guide to give you the oxygen cylinder and descend down immediately.

High Altitude Pulmonary edema.

Another AMS. This can be caused by lack of oxygen in the lungs due to high altitude while trekking, The best way to know its symptoms is by listen to the sound of your breath. If the breath is coming out with a sound especially when you are walking then just know that can be symptoms of High Altitude pulmonary edema. You can share with your guide and he will help you with the oxygen cylinder or tell you the right thing to do.

Other Problems which may lead you not to climb Kilimanjaro or reach to Uhuru Peak

  • Another thing that can hinder your trekking could be Asthma. A normal asthma can be okay to trek Kilimanjaro with and of course if you have the right equipment to treat it then that can be possible but the Asthma that is extreme can lead you not to get enough oxygen and hence prevent you to continue with the trek.
  • Obesity that is also extreme can be another problem during the trek as well as heavy body. Trekking Kilimanjaro need to go with time and once you have this problems and slower you during walking then it can be a problem which might lead to not reach the peak or campsite at a right time.
  • The main thing that can let you not manage to hike Kilimanjaro could be a bad severe surgery which may limit you not to go on a high altitude trek and another reason could be physically unfit which may let you not being able to walk proper while trek. Since this trek is all about walking you will need to be fit.

Above all it is important to visit a medical doctor back home before your departure and also use the medicine that was assigned to you by the doctor for Altitude Mountain Sickness.

Age Limit for Climbing Kilimanjaro

The age limit for young ones to climb Kilimanjaro is 12 years old and there are no maximum age limit for old ones as long you are physically fit then you are fit to trek Kilimanjaro and trekkers must have all the necessary document i.e passport also must have the national park permit and you must be accounted by a crew of team who will escort you to the Uhuru pick. And you must be mentally fit as well to trek Mount Kilimanjaro.

Food Meal while trekking Mount Kilimanjaro

There is a diet which should be followed when trekking Mount Kilimanjaro. The popular type of food which are normally used during the trekking are carbohydrate, vegetables and fruits.

You will always be surprised by different type of delicious food on your table made by best mountain chef. From the beginning of the trek you will eat more of carbohydrate food, first because you need energy and second because you still have appetite for eating hence it's important to eat enough during the first days of your trek.

Type of food you will get at the beginning of the trek are potatoes, pasta, rice while on the way you will have snacks or take your trek snacks and the more you go higher the more you will have more liquid food to increase water in your body. In summary you will be given different type of food depends on each vegetation zone along the Kilimanjaro mountain.

Before start your trek it is best to communicate with your guide or chef regarding of what you wish for your meal i.e vegetarian or non vegetarian or halal. This will help them prepare the best menu for you.

Which Route to take on Kilimanjaro Mountain

The most common thing to know before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is which route to take. Either Marangu route or Rongai Route on Eastern side of the Mountain and Machame, Umbwe, Shira and Lemosho route on western side. All the routes are for camping except Marangu route which you will be staying in the mountain huts. The minimum number of days to climb Mount Kilimanjaro is 5 days on Marangu route and maximum is 9 days on Northern circuit Route.

At Shizi Safaris, Your safety is our priority

The most hard part and dangerous is on the summit of Uhuru Peak where during wet season March to April can be covered with too much snow and not being able to see the trail path, at this time if you try do ski or walk on wrong path  (if you do not have an experience guide) then that can lead to loss of life by falling into rocks or crater and also in case you will come across some of the sickness (AMS) mentioned above and not take precautions or cure then that can lead to loss of life as well. Contact us for the best team of guides who can take care of you and reach the Uhuru Peak while safe.

There are no exactly specific number of people who die while trekking Mount Kilimanjaro but in case of emergency during the trekking our guides at Shizi Safaris will have the oxygen cylinder tube which they can use while they do a quick descending down which will help you feel good and back to your normal condition hence save lives.

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