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"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." - Michael Jordan.

GoShizi Responsible Tours

At GoShizi.org we are committed to deliver tours which have positive impact to the society and environment. GoShizi.org is the social responsibility part of the company which helps to manage and control all tours and activities under Shizi Safaris to abide to Sustainable Development Goals. We always work hard to deliver green tours which have positive impact to the environment around Kilimanjaro mountain. This initiative is based on reducing the dirty material especially white paper on the summit of mount Kilimanjaro. We are now focusing on getting at first 20 Litter stick which will help on our project to reach our goal of making Kilimanjaro the clean and best place to visit.

Waymaker Foundation

Way Maker Foundation is founded upon the basis of equality and equal opportunity for all students in Tanzania. Through the in dept analysis of education in Tanzania, we wish to understand the dynamics of educational attainment for students and address the barriers that constrain students from pursuing education and provide appropriate assistance to each case. Our goal is to provide to those students who are unable to finish their studies, due to constraints such as tuition fees, an equal chance and a new path of being educated. We seek to target those students who don’t have the financial means in order to attend school, and help them gain resources in order to pursue their goals.

More Than a Drop


This simple and incredible home in Moshi who are committed to a world in which all living beings may live a life of dignity, free of all forms of discrimination and exploitation. They are contribute to the sustainable improvement of the living conditions of young people from Tanzania so that their children, the most vulnerable members of our society, will not be born into the poverty cycle. They empower young women who want to take control and responsibility for their own lives as well as of their future children.


They support young people, especially orphans, who have no basic education and help their re-integrate in the society. They want to set-up several vocational training centers offering quality education and accommodation. They want to significantly increase the quality of the education using novel and innovative approaches. The schools should be self-supporting in the long-term.

Duluti Green Foundation Trust (DGFT)

Duluti Green Foundation Trust (DGFT) is a nonprofit and nongovernmental organization that carries out its functions and duties in Arumeru district since 2005 and legally registered by the government in 2008 with the registration number 3426 under the trustee incorporation Act cap 318, RE. 2002. DGFT has rooted its activities in empowering the local community and environmental conservation mainly through planting trees, protection of water catchment areas and raising awareness on environmental conservation to the community. The works of the DGFT have been funded by part of money obtained from Tengeru Cultural Tourism Programme in which tourists interact with local people, learn about culture and make their contributions to help the community improve their living condition. Money obtained from this programme is not enough to sustain the vision of the DGFT Director Mama Gladness Pallangyo who is looking forward to support the local community more.

Perfect Foot Agriculture

Perfect foot Company ltd is the footprint of small-scale farmer in Tanzania who feeds the future in this world in a small-scale farm, of which many of them faces with some challenges such as Poor agriculture technology, poor infrastructure, sub seed, lacking market information of their produce, agricultural insurance, value addition of the product, training and capacity building to the key farmers that are based on agricultural sectors.

The world now is facing with great change of climatic environment due to natural disasters and humanitarian factors ,so the company is providing maximum effort ensuring the world is returning back to its original being by providing seminars ,training and condemning all bad practices that may cause more environment tragedy and creating awareness on environment concern by performing safe agricultural practices to the new generation.

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