Yellow fever Vaccination

Tanzania Vaccine and Yellow fever requirements

Tanzania Vaccine and Yellow fever requirements.

About vaccinations.

Whoever supplies you with your vaccinations will provide you with an International Yellow fever Vaccination Card and the necessary stamps. In most countries, you won’t be asked to present it, but there’s one place you definitely will and that’s before boarding a boat to Zanzibar. You will not be allowed to board if you don’t have proof of a yellow fever vaccination.

You should consult your doctor for a few months in advance as you may need a series of vaccinations. For complete advice on vaccines and medications, do not forget to tell your doctor that you are travelling to Tanzania and participating in an Adventure trip (wether Safaris or Kilimanjaro Climb). Tanzania only calls yellow fever vaccine for travellers from countries that are infected with yellow fever, such as Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia. It may be necessary for you to present a yellow fever vaccination certificate, which must be kept at all times.

However, if there is a health officer present at the passport control for Tanzania (sometimes they are not present), they will ask for your vaccination record and if you do not have it, they will administer it locally. If you come from Dubai, Nairobi and Ethiopia, definitely there will be a health representative there. Therefore, it is important that you have a yellow fever vaccine.

No further vaccinations are required to enter Tanzania at present. Malaria is endemic in many parts of Tanzania. While high altitude malaria is not common, malaria medication is strongly recommended for all visitors to East Africa. You should discuss this with your doctor before travelling otherwise you can contact us for more details on Yellow fever requirements.

The essential documents are a passport and an International Vaccination Card. If you already have a passport, make sure it’s valid for a reasonably long period of time and has plenty of blank pages on which stamp-happy immigration officials can do their stuff. If it’s more than half full and you’re going to need a lot of visas, get a new one before you set off. This way you won’t have to waste time hanging around in a capital city somewhere while your embassy issues you with a new one.




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