About 120km from Arusha city and almost 3 hours drive and on the way to Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, you can find the Tarangire national park, the park was named after the river which is crossing along the park which is the source of water during the dry season, the word Tarangire is coming from the combination of the two words, “Tara” which mean the river in Mang’ati language tribe and “ngire” which means an animal warthog.

Many years ago, a large number of warthogs or Pumba used to came to the river especially during the dry season where they were laying and playing with the water for the aim of cooling themselves down due to high temperature and by that time the local tribe “Mang’ati” were present to witness this activity which finally they decided to give the river a name “Tarangire” which means the river of the warthogs.

Tarangire national park is the home to many African elephants by km 2 compare to any other place in the world and availability of the high number of Elephant in Tarangire is caused by the presence of baobab trees and baobab tree will always help the Elephants especially during the dry season where elephant will grab and eat the tree cortex which will help them get water out of it.

You can find the largest concentration of Elephant while migratory wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, impala, gazelle, hartebeest and eland crowd the shrinking lagoons. The Tarangire national park can be regarded as a little Serengeti for its nature and habitat characteristic.

Witness a numerous number of birds in Tarangire National park like Kori bustard, the heaviest flying bird; the stocking-thighed ostrich, the world’s largest bird; and small parties of ground hornbills blustering like turkeys.

Tarangire National park was established in 1970 and it is a fifth National park to be announced after Tanzania got independence from Britain colonialism in 1961.

With about 2850km2 Tarangire National park is the sixth largest national park in Tanzania.

This park is the hidden treasure in the Northern circuit of Tanzania and makes a complete best safari experience within the region.