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Zanzibar Spice Tour Complete Guide

There is a small piece of spice land a few miles from Stone town. One of the famous day trip. Spice Tour, the most visited area around Zanzibar, there are some fees they have to be paid to the farm owners to get in for the tour.

This kind of tour can be organized by Shizi Safaris when you have an extension to Zanzibar after a tour in Tanzania mainland (Kilimanjaro trekking or Safari tour).

You can stay and spend a day there while learning and discover varieties of spices. The spices excursion prices vary depending on the number of passengers, the number of hours spent, and the comfort of the car transport to and from the farm.

Negotiate the prices well before leaving if you want to go with an independent guides or Contact us for Help 

A typically Spice Tour Trip

Pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves  and many more, you will have all day to learn, explore and taste, one of these tasty spices.

But who has ever seen a pepper seed up close on a pepper tree branch, felt the magical scent of the bark of the cinnamon tree, admired the delicacy of a muscadier?

Did you know that curry, cardamom, coriander, saffron are not spices but aromatics?

Do you know how to distinguish between spices, aromatics, peppers then Zanzibar spice Tours can answer all these curious questions for you.

These tours are organized in small groups (usually 4 or 5 people) or private and are offered by most of the travel agencies based in Stone Town. Transportation is by vans or minibuses.

Prices vary according to the number of passengers. A full day Spice Tour can cost around $ 90 per person. But if you get together (three or more) then it will cost you only $ 50 per person.

Each tour is led by a local guide who speaks English. The Spice Tours have a common goal: to make the general public discover the little-known world of spices, but also the richness of the tropical flora of the island. A tour lasts half a day or a day.

A full day tour includes the actual Spice Tour and lunch on site, and plenty of beach in the afternoon. Some agencies also offer to end the day with a trip to Prison Island and dinner. You can choose but in our opinion it is good to start in the morning. Until noon, you can already have a good approach to the subject.

A typical Spice Tour leaves from most of the places around Zanzibar and returns, you can also see Livingstone's house in passing (no inside visit), then you can stop to visit the Maruhubi Palace and the Persian Baths

During the tour the discovery is done at the rhythm of the walk, through the groves of trees, the tropical plantations and the spice fields. The more competent and when motivated the guide, the more he can and should give clear and practical explanations.

You will stop when meet a spice trees, or tropical plant. It feels like a green classroom at the end of the world. The guide speaks, asks questions to the group, and answers them when there are no correct answers.

Sometimes he picks a seed, tears off a piece of bark, cuts a fruit, slices a leaf, smells the perfumes spices and aromatic scents to the members of the group.

Tastings are planned along the way. Small merchants along the way after finishing a tour will be selling sachets and assortments of various spices.

It's good, cheap, and makes a nice souvenir for friends. If there's a place to buy spices, it's in the plantations, during the Spice Tour. In short, this is a lively and exciting excursion.

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